Sensei Martin Byas

Sensei Martin Byas, has studied Martial Arts for over twenty five years. The last twenty of those years under the guidance of Prof. Jim McAllister.

He is a qualified Instructor and holds the grade of 3rd Dan. He has a comprehensive knowledge of Kick Boxing, Self Defence and Weapons.

He has studied in Malaysia with Prof. McAllister in the art of Penjak Silat under the guidance of Master Jak Otham.

He offers a mature and technical approach to the fighting arts and is precise and fastidious in his instruction and training methods.

Sensei Julie Cooper

Sensei Julie Cooper, an Instructor in the McAllister Academy of Martial Arts has trained with the academy for twelve years and has obtained the grade of 1st Dan.




‘Those who come to wisdom through failure tend to be good people for that very reason’.



‘Each individual is responsible for what they have done and for the people they have influenced’.



‘Have the courage to be wise – the path of wisdom is not an easy one to follow’.