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The Jim McAllister Martial Arts Academy was founded by Prof. Jim McAllister, who after 30 years studying and applying the Martial Way, has developed not only his own Academy with its unique training structure and grading system but a comprehensive fighting style including primarily Kick Boxing and in addition Karate, Ju Jitsu and Thai Boxing.


Profile of Prof. Mcallister


Jim is the Founder and Chief Instructor at the Jim McAllister Academy of Martial Arts and presently holds the rank of 6th Dan Shihan in Fudoshin Karate. He was awarded the rank and given the title of Professor by the late Professor Lawrence in 2003. He is now in charge of the B.F.A. Worldwide.
Jim was awarded his 5th Dan in Kick-Boxing by the B.F.K.B.A. and 6th Dan in Kick-Boxing by the B.N.M.A. He is also recognised as a 6th Dan in Martial Arts by the World Wide Martial Arts Association. In addition to this he holds a 4th Dan in Sessen Ruy Karate and is the UK Representative of the National Karate Association of America.

He began his training in the late 1960's as a traditional Boxer. After five years he went on to study Karate and received his first black belt in 1974.
After training for many years in Karate and obtaining Black Belts in three other systems, he toured the world in search of new ideas and trying to find a system which suited his requirements. He was introduced to Sensei Ian McGarrity, and was impressed by his ability, humbleness and skill. Ian went off to Japan to live, and recommended Jim train under his Sensei (Professor Lawrence) Jim started his new martial arts career in Fudoshin Karate, and although Professor Lawrence accepted Jim as a student, he did not accept his grades and so he started again at White Belt. He was awarded his Black Belt in the Fudoshin System in 1983 and was awarded the rank of 4th Dan in 1998.
It was only when he was introduced to the Fudoshin System that he felt he had found a system/style that suited him.
Then in the mid 1980's he was introduced to Kick-Boxing. He found Kick-Boxing had the contact side that he felt he was missing in his Martial Arts career. For a while his Karate took second place, but came back when he realised that the Fudoshin spirit, method and knowledge could be incorporated into his teachings of Kick-Boxing.
He has studied in America under ex World Middleweight Champion, John Longstreet, Thai Boxing Coach, Lincoln Boney and World Karate Champion Kevin Brewerton. But his main influence is a Chinese Master, Master Kam, who is the most introverted of all the Instructors, but without doubt one of the best.





‘There are those who seek to destroy and discredit you. Let them try, they can only make you stronger’.




‘Trouble brings experience and experience brings wisdom’.




‘Next time you consider fleeing from a problem, consider the acorn. It stood firm and it became an oak tree’.




‘Fear is a central part of wisdom, to feel no fear leads many into foolish actions’.





‘Chances are that what you put off today, you will also put off tomorrow’.







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